This website has been designed to help the user find Open Water Swimming events taking place across the UK & Ireland.

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The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Every effort is made to keep the information up to date and correct but you should always check all details on the event organizer's website before registering or attending an event. All locations are approximate and maps are provided for general guidance only.

What events are included in the listings?
We currently include Open Water Swim Events in the UK mainland (England including the Isle of Wight, Scotland & Wales), Ireland (ROI & Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and also Spain (including the Balearics and the Canary Islands). The content can be viewed separately for either UK&Ireland OR Spain by selecting the appropriate choice in the header on each page. We don't usually include anything taking place in a pool (even an open air pool), nor do we include Triathlons or Aquathlons unless they officially offer a swim only option. If you find an event that does not meet the above criteria then just treat it as a bonus but do not assume that we have extended our coverage.
What should I do if I spot an error or omission in the listings?
If you believe that an entry is missing or incorrect then please and provides us with the details.
Is there an app I can use on my tablet or phone?
Yes, but only for the Android platform. Find out more here.
Unfortunately we don't have the technical resources to develop a version for Apple devices. If you could help by developing an iOS version then please contact us.

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